Smart Business Strategies for Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner then you know how seasonal sales can be. Everything can affect your sales from a sudden winter snowstorm that grounds your delivery system to spring rains that flood your warehouse. Even if you are a small business that tends to sell as you make your product, you can often find your sales fluctuating outside of your control.

But you can take advantage of some seasonal fluctuations by using every opportunity given to you to add to your sales profile. Some of these opportunities have to do with using the technology around us to take advantage of every option at your disposal. Others are created by the warm summer months or cold winter snows. Here are a few we have found help our small business to stay afloat, no matter what the season.

Online Sales

Every business owner knows that having multiple ways to make a sale increases your chances of surviving until next year. We have found that embracing the technology around us instead of grumbling about how it steals our customers have given us a certain amount of sales stability.

When you add an online payment processing program to your website, you add that option for a secondary stream of sales. It may not be much, but even if only 15% of your total sales come from the net, it may be enough to ensure you make a profit each month.

Summer Street Fairs

If you have the kind of business that can make sales at those outdoor festivals that seem to pop up every summer, it pays to take advantage of them. We have found that attending the smaller local street fairs and music festivals puts us in touch with the community, opens up some local distributing channels we may not have known about and creates a personal connection with many local customers.

Local Sponsorships

Every year you probably get a pitch from a few of the small local non-profits who put on events in your area. If you are a smaller business you may have thought that you just couldn’t afford to invest in those sponsorship programs. But these are really a very inexpensive way to market your brand to the local community and create some goodwill at the same time.

Take some time to talk to these local organizations and see if there isn’t a creative way to be involved, get your name connected with a local event and be more visible to the local community. It is worth the time invested, and you may find yourself rubbing elbows with larger businesses that in the end will pay off with new profitable relationships.

Think Outside the Box

As you can see from these suggestions, sometimes an opportunity to grow your business may come from the most unexpected of places. All of these marketing ideas are a way to make sure that your small business doesn’t get lost in the overwhelming big business noise. Use these ideas to not only grow your connections to your community, but also increase the number of places your can create a sales stream that won’t have a negative impact on your current sales numbers. Local opportunities can often yield unexpectedly good results.

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